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Re: Sab Post Processing Log

Could one of you send me the results of this request with a history that has post processing information? http://yoursabnurl:yoursabport/api?mode=history&start=START&limit=LIMIT&output=json&apikey={APIKEY} hopefully that is the output you need, put on pastebin as its a ...

Re: Sab Post Processing Log

If you're referring to the post processing info on a sab item, it does look the API includes this, so I will look into implementing it into nzb360. yeah, wasnt very clear on my initial post, thank you for having a look, no worries if it cant be done easily I'm not sure if I understand correct, but ...

Sab Post Processing Log

Hi Kev,

Is it possible to view the sickbeard post processing log via the api output, I know it shows as complete, but it would be nice to be able to see post processing results as well

No worries if this cant be done, just thought id put it out there

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