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Re: New Release v10.0.1

Version 10.0.1 NEW: [PRO] You can now add movies to Radarr by sharing them from the IMDb app. NEW: You can now long press on a movie in Search to add to Radarr. IMPR: Updated SABnzbd icon. FIX: Fixed Soon and In Cinemas tab in Radarr not showing movies in some instances. FIX: Stability improvements...

Re: Sabnzbd

Hi, Is it possible to add the feature of select all downloads in sabnzd and do some actions e.g. set priority or delete the set of actions i get when one download is lonng pressed. Regards That would be nice. Also on a similar note, I would like to be able to pick a category to download to when I a...

Re: Paypal account terminated. PRO now FREE indefinitely.

I haven't been, no. Been super busy with work. But I will be soon. I think I have solved the payment issue, and will be implementing the solution shortly, and will get back on track with feature development and bug fixes. Stay tuned! Badass. Can't wait for some updates. And I don't mind repaying fo...

Re: Sickrage support

fernandovg wrote:Its better to redo.
We have updates every week.
non-stop Development
I got it up and running, but for some reason it shuts down after like 30 seconds, not sure why, anywhere to go that I can get some help?

Re: Sickrage support

DJ-1 wrote:Hi, have been using nzb360 for ages also sickbeard...
Any hope of sickrage support ?

How hard is it to get sickrage up and running from my sickbeard? Will I have to redo everything that's on my sickbeard? I've heard rage is a good bit better

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