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Re: Works via LAN/WiFi, but not WAN

Have you changed your router? Reset your router? Port forwarding rules still in their? Obvious stuff to be honest? It's the same router, haven't reset the router, and the 2 port forwards are the same, 80+443. The ONLY difference is that the system was running on local installations of Nginx, Sonarr...

Works via LAN/WiFi, but not WAN

NZB360 works WiFi/LAN without an issue. Connects quick, but for that, I have my home computer. My WAN connection was working until about couple of weeks ago. I have doubled checked the API KEYs, the URL, the /app, and nothing. None of the 4 that I use with NZB360 are working; Deluge, Sonarr, Radarr,...

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