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Re: New Release v12.3

NEW: You can now sort manually searched items in Sonarr/Radarr by Rejections (which is now the default sort). Awesome. This works great - much appreciated. One thing still missing is sorting manual searches done from the 'MISSING' tab in Sonarr - clicking the options dots and selecting 'Manually se...

Sort by rejections

Now that sorting is in for manual searches (thank you!), I'm going to be a greedy bastard and request sorting by rejections (i.e. so I can have the non rejected items first).
I often have fairly specific restrictions that leave only a couple viable items in a sea of 50 rejections.

Re: New Release v12.2

Thank you! Sorting is working great, but if you search manually in Sonarr directly from the missing tab, you don't get the option. If that's by design then please ignore me as I can live with clicking through to the episode list [emoji6]

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