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Re: New Release v12.2

A new bug I've encountered in this release: In Sonarr long press to do a manual search of an episode then back out (no need to try downloading one of the results), now search for a different episode - you will be presented with the results for the first ep you searched for. This persists until you c...

Re: Torrent Labels (Deluge)

+1 to this, and related: it would be nice if labels (and tracker) were displayed here: I crossseed between a few trackers so end up with three of the same torrent displayed and never know which is which. nzb360 with deluge shows a location, so I can figure it out from...

Re: Filter for 'active' torrents, not just those downloading

On my part I meant as a tab, the ability to just quickly press one rather than filtering is great! Personally I'm easy with regards to the placement. A slight preference to adding as a separate tab, but I wouldn't be opposed to it replacing the downloading tab seeing as seeding and downloading torre...

Re: Option to have back button menu display servers rather than services

Yep, but I'm happy enough using the volume rocker to switch services. Using the drawer is much slower, especially on larger devices that require stretching & repositioning when using one-handed to reach the list at the top left. Doubly so for changing servers which need to be dropped down first. The...

Re: Filter for 'active' torrents, not just those downloading

mitsuhide wrote:
Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:56 am
Transdrone does this and I find it useful. You can easily filter down to your uploading and/or downloading torrents, not just downloading.
Was just about to suggest this myself. Checking on active torrents is about all I use transdroid for, would be nice to have it all in one app.

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