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Re: A few requests please

1) Brilliant. Thanks for the tips 2) I have just jumped from iPhone to Android and I was one of the beta testers for nzbunity on iPhone. J MELIA doing a great job with that app if your on iPhone . Anyhow that app has a RSS section which is like a custom indexer. You add feeds and give them each a na...

Re: A few requests please

Sorry for the confusion 1) on the when I select torrents, sabnzb or indexes I always have the main menu button available in the top left hand corner. But when I select an added index (dognzb or I then have to use the back button to return to main menu. Sometimes I could go 2 or 3 ...

A few requests please

1) a main menu button once you start searching your newsnab feeds
2) rss feed creation from newsnab feeds. You have to go 2 or 3 deep atm to find your feed
3) Torrents section - display by date added

Keep up the great work

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