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Hi Kev. Will you be adding different views for ALBUMS please? They're currently tiled, but I'd like to see them the same as the ARTIST view. Thanks. I was trying to respect the album art. I originally had the rows, but the album art was tiny and felt like a disservice to the cool art some albums ha...


CBers wrote:
Tue May 22, 2018 9:30 pm
Hi Kev.

It must be something specific to that artist (Andrew Gold), as I've added other WANTED albums and they show OK.

Just thought I'd update the thread.

Thanks, this is helpful.

New Release v12.0.1

Version 12.0.1 IMPR: Improved PRO License status checks. For folks losing their license randomly, I hope this resolves these issues. Please let me know if it doesn't. FIX: Fixed local connection switching issues on Android 8.1+. This does require a new location permission for these Android versions...


Haha, that's what resulted in the crash @cbers. I don't know why your instance has no artist attached to missing albums. To fix the crash, I just handle it and put unknown there.

Re: VPN issue

I really, really, want to solve this issue. If someone can graciously send me their VPN connection details that has this problem, I would love to try and solve it. I cannot reproduce this issue on my own VPN (PPTP to router). I need to be able to reproduce this issue to fix it. If anyone is willing,...

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