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Jackett Support not working

Hi I wanted to try the new Jackett support, so I added my IP and port and as http://IP:Port and copied and pasted the API key but when I go to the search it just shows the error message. "Error retrieving info from server..." I am on my WiFi and don't have any base URL etc configured. I tried with /...

Re: New Release v10

I think, like back in the old days, the app now uses your google account to authenticate Thanks for the reply, I was thinking that myself, hopefully Kev can either add a way to buy Pro for sideloaded apps or maybe cross publish to Amazon market place, I see a few NZB managers on the Amazon store so...

Re: New Release v10

Kev, downloaded the APK from Google Store, sideloaded it to the Kindle, all good so far but when I go to upgrade to Pro I get a message saying I need to add a Google Play account to the device to continue.

Do you know any way around this?

Re: New Release v10

Kev I have been using the app for a few months and love it, I upgraded today without checking the release notes, woops, now it keeps asking me to download the app from the play store. Only problem is I only use the app on my Kindle Fire, it's the only Android device I have currently, so no play stor...

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