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Re: New Release v14

Thanks for the nice update! some remarks & questions: - I already used the 'Add to Sonarr' button a couple of times (simple but very handy!), and once in a while the app completely freezes and I need to close it. Afterwards everything works fine. - When turning my phone to landscape (or to portrait)...

Status not shown in SABnzbd

Sometimes I add a nzb which I already have, and this is labeld as 'duplicate' in SABnzbd. If I'm correct this was also visible in nzb360 in the past, but it isn't anymore (can realy say since when.
Screenshot_20201209-074701.jpg (303.98 KiB) Viewed 358 times
Screenshot_20201209-074720.jpg (199.86 KiB) Viewed 358 times

OAuth support

I'm modifying my services so they are all running behind a reverse proxy (traefik). I also added OAuth which is really useful, but how can I add my services in nzb360? When I just enable basic auth it works.

Re: Support for Bazarr

For me Radarr is working very well. In the past I used AutoSub (mainly for Duitch), but I turned it off.
If Kev is thinking off adding Bazarr, I would integrate it in the Sonarr/Radarr views, because it only works with these 2 apps.

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