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Status not shown in SABnzbd

Sometimes I add a nzb which I already have, and this is labeld as 'duplicate' in SABnzbd. If I'm correct this was also visible in nzb360 in the past, but it isn't anymore (can realy say since when.
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OAuth support

I'm modifying my services so they are all running behind a reverse proxy (traefik). I also added OAuth which is really useful, but how can I add my services in nzb360? When I just enable basic auth it works.

Re: Support for Bazarr

For me Radarr is working very well. In the past I used AutoSub (mainly for Duitch), but I turned it off.
If Kev is thinking off adding Bazarr, I would integrate it in the Sonarr/Radarr views, because it only works with these 2 apps.

Re: Retain search results

Do you mean searching through your nzb or torrent indexer? Or in the Sonarr/Radarr apps?
I would like to see this feature in Sonarr/Radarr: sometimes I want to check things of a series, and afterwards the search process needs to be redone and scrolling back where I left.

SABnzbd sorting

Hi Kev

Is it possible to implement a sort function in SAB? Just like you did for Torrents. In my case, sorting on name is enough, but probably other options are possible: %completed, date added (default now), size


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