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OAuth support

I'm modifying my services so they are all running behind a reverse proxy (traefik). I also added OAuth which is really useful, but how can I add my services in nzb360? When I just enable basic auth it works.

Re: Support for Bazarr

For me Radarr is working very well. In the past I used AutoSub (mainly for Duitch), but I turned it off.
If Kev is thinking off adding Bazarr, I would integrate it in the Sonarr/Radarr views, because it only works with these 2 apps.

Re: Retain search results

Do you mean searching through your nzb or torrent indexer? Or in the Sonarr/Radarr apps?
I would like to see this feature in Sonarr/Radarr: sometimes I want to check things of a series, and afterwards the search process needs to be redone and scrolling back where I left.

SABnzbd sorting

Hi Kev

Is it possible to implement a sort function in SAB? Just like you did for Torrents. In my case, sorting on name is enough, but probably other options are possible: %completed, date added (default now), size


Re: nzb360 v13 Open BETA

Kev, when I sent an item to Sab, the app sends me back to the list of my indexers. A few times the app crashed completely. But the release arrived in Sab. Don't know if anyone else had this issue? About the design: you know I like it, bit as I already reported in the beta topic, the 'pro' label is o...

Re: New Release v12.2

Kev wrote:
Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:33 pm
My sincerest apologies on the instant startup crash. Fix is out, should be on Play Store very shortly.
Thx Kev, it's running fine again.

I alsof noticed the bug in the manual search form Sonarr like bnm mentioned: after searching for an episode, it always returns results for this first ep

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