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Re: Radarr tag support

@Kev I would really love to get Radarr-Tag support. As mentioned in the beta thread before it would be a pretty good thing for people who are bi-lingual or multi-lingual with special requirements on different types of movies. *copy-paste from my older post* When adding a movie i can choose Quality, ...

Re: New Release v13.7

As always, well done kev.
And thx a lot for adding the additional icons including the auto-prefill.
v13.7 didn't hit the play store in my country yet.
Any chance getting a link to the new APK? 🤓

Re: Nzblnk

@Kev That would be awesome! A lot of my friends use "usenet4all" because they need a German language based website due to lack of knowledge. Usenet4all has mostly German Group Rips (they also have regular English Rips). The thing is that website is kinda Forum based so there was no way to get a API ...

Re: Translation

nzbgermany wrote:Hey there,

I could provide a German translation if you want.
For free of course. I like to contribute something to this project and I thought a localization would make the application even better.
good idea (thumbs up)

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