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Bug - Can't turn off the Dashboard

I gave it a try but sorry to say the Dashboard is just a bit too busy for me. Now I know you're going to say I can turn it off in the settings and that is doable. Unfortunately that setting is not remembered and the next time I start NZB360 the Dashboard is front and centre again. Could you please f...

Pixel Soli Support

Hello, Long time fan of the App.

I suspect it would be an easy addin with the API, but I reckon the air swipe left and right of the new Pixel 4s would add a nice touch (no pun intended) instead of using the volume buttons.


Re: nzb360 Prime Subscription

I too would prefer annual (and hassle free). Keep in mind Google might get fickle again and suddenly payments could become a pain once more. Good luck with your thoughts. My main nice to have would be some way to access the files I download to my NAS directly via NZB360 and either stream or transfer...

Re: nzb360 Prime Subscription

On reflection I'd suggest just do it. Why worry about upsetting the existing membership? What are they going to do, not pay you anything more for using your program? That's the current arrangement ;o) Users in this area understand its a fast moving industry subject to sudden changes. One moment you'...

Re: nzb360 Prime Subscription

Hi Kev, Definitely one of the more polished apps out there. Just free thinking but some ideas below. IMO you're possibly in danger of bloat now as the more features you add are only picked up by new 360 users and just get in the way of existing users already quite happy with. FWIW The NZB scene is r...

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