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Re: v14 - Public Beta

Alright, so a pull to refresh didn't do it, but like 3 or 4 did (or maybe I'm just impatient and it took a while to populate after the first refresh.) I'm not sure if i have tried to pull to refresh before, but I have checked in every version you posted in pre-alpha, and it never came up. Might be b...

Re: v14 - Public Beta

Kev! Sorry i have been MIA for the past few weeks, busy times in my world. The Dashboard looks great and works very well, I have not had a ton of time to bug-hunt, but I did notice the other day that the "Disk Space" section in mine is empty.

Re: Sonarr Sorting Beta

Kev- This looks great. at first glance everything looks good to me except that the app crashes every time I try to sort by 'Size on Disk', and, as CBers noted, the app does always revert to the 'ALL' tab when refreshing from any tab. I'll play around with it more and let you know if I notice anythin...

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