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Re: [nzbdrone] can't connect when using reverse proxy and ht

Well, it is SNI. SSLLabs confirms it. And considering each of my services use a different SSL certificate and sub-domain, all through a single NginX reverse proxy, it HAS to be SNI (all Virtual Hosts use almost an identical configuration as that seen here , only with different server_name and log fi...

Re: [nzbdrone] can't connect when using reverse proxy and ht

I can say that i have been using NZB360 with SNI and all services work just fine. My sonarr config is here if anyone is interested. So I added 'ssl' to the listen list (forgot it) and included the second line as well, listen 443 ssl; ssl_session_cache shared:SSL:10m; doing this got it working. Chee...

Sickbeard long press search

So with NZBDrone, when you long press the search icon next to an episode, you get a list of available releases. I know this is a function of NZBDrone, but is there a way to pass the episode info from sickbeard to a configured Indexer and display a similar search results list?

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